Exploring Faith

Universities bring together people from all around the world. We live and work alongside people of a range of cultures and faiths. We find that we have things in common and things that are different.

It is important to develop your own faith life and also to learn about the experience of other people. We can help you with Chaplaincy-run activities and we can also direct you to other groups that can help you with your explorations.

This section of the Chaplaincy website is for you if:

  • You already have a faith and want resources to develop your practice;
  • You have no religious belief but want to learn more about faith and the ways it is practised;
  • You want to ask us a question about any aspect of any faith.

Worship and Activities – explore this section to find out more about how you can develop your personal faith and opportunities to worship with other people, within the university and the wider city.

Learn about Faith – explore here to learn about faith and to ask questions.

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