Unity initiative

The Unity programme is an initiative of the Chaplaincy, the Muslim Student Adviser, the International Students Office and other partners from the University of Leeds and our other universities. Our aim is to promote unity across the campuses; between staff, students and families, different faiths and world views, different nationalities, anywhere where there can be a sense of exclusion. Our ethos is that we are all one family. We promote this by having events such as regular brunches, the Spring Lunch, the Winter Starlight Event, the Show of Unity and others. Generally our presence on campus is a cheerful one, giving out goodies from the Unity trolley, but we also can provide a united presence at vigils in response to events.

The Unity Canvasses, displayed in various campus locations of the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University are community art works involving the handprints of hundreds of participants, each one adding their handprint as an affirmation of the Unity Pledge:

 I (Name) make this pledge in the knowledge that my university has a global role, and my actions impact on the world. I pledge to work alongside others in creating a community, a community of students, staff, friends and family, a community:

◊ that recognises the worth and dignity of all human beings
◊ that cherishes the earth and promotes justice and unity
◊ that is an accepting, inclusive and safe environment for all
◊ that appreciates difference, whilst fostering friendship and togetherness.

I accept my own role as part of this community to support, nurture and protect it. I hope, through playing my part as best as I can, to make my university and my world a better place. Therefore, I will actively take steps within my own life to put unity into practice.

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