Freshers’ Week 2020 Schedule

Chaplaincy Freshers’ Week 2020 Events

Our team here at the Chaplaincy wish to welcome all the new and returning students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Whether you have already been involved with us previously or are new to the Chaplaincy, we have a programme for Freshers’ Week designed to introduce you to some of our regular events.

Please see below for our timetable for the week. If you would like to attend any of our events please register by clicking on the button below.

Timetable of events – September 2020

Monday 21st  
Tuesday 22nd Introduction to Worship in the Quaker Style – Robin Fishwick
Introductory talk followed by worship where we gather in attentive silence. We may remain silent throughout the meeting but anyone who is moved to speak may do so.
Talk: 12pm
1:10 – 1:40pm
Tuesday 22nd Queer Space: Belonging  – Rev. Anthea Colledge
Queer Space is an affirming gathering of LGBTQIA+ Christian students and their allies. It’s a safe place to share experiences, faith, and questions. Join us tonight to think about what ‘belonging’ might look like LGBTQ+ Christians. You’re welcome whether this is your first week in Leeds, or you’ve been here for years!
5 – 6pm Zoom
Wednesday 23rd Engaging with Theology: Thinking Eternally – Robin Fishwick
Come and discuss some of the biggest and most controversial questions and topics within Christianity.
1pm Blackboard

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Wednesday 23rd International Students Club (ISC): Welcome Party Online – Anna Spiegel.
ISC is a club run by volunteers from local churches with the support of the Chaplaincy. See the ISC Facebook page for more details.
6 – 7pm Zoom

Contact Anna via email or see FB Page

Thursday 24th Catholic Chaplaincy Quiz – Hosted by Fr. Marc Homsey
6 – 8pm Zoom

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Friday 25th Prayer of the Heart – David Ephrem
Meditative prayer in the Orthodox tradition.
Friday 25th Leeds Chinese Christian Church: Welcome to Leeds – Always here for you!
Pr. Kim Chan
7:30pm Zoom
Sunday 4th October Café Church: BYOB & Hymns
BYOB (‘Bring your own bottle’) and Hymns with Café Church: Join us for an evening of online hymn singing with the Café Church community. All welcome, whether you can sing like Adele or can’t carry a tune in a bucket! Café Church is an inclusive Christian gathering.
Rev. Samantha Sheehan ( or Rev. Anthea Colledge (
5pm Zoom