Accessing Support

Accessing Support IconChaplains are available to provide support:

  • by appointment
  • on a drop-in basis at the Emmanuel Centre
  • 24hr emergency phone.

We do not pass information about the people that use our services back to the universities.

The only circumstances when a chaplain might discuss your worries with your university are:

  • When you have asked a chaplain to advocate on your behalf e.g. for special exam arrangements;
  • When you are at risk of causing harm to yourself or others, for your own wellbeing;
  • When we believe there has been a significant exposure to radicalising influences (known as the PREVENT agenda) that may in turn lead to harmful or illegal activities.

The chaplains will never discuss your case with your university without your knowledge.

We do not keep written or digital records of chaplaincy appointments and all diary entries are deleted or shredded at the end of the academic year.

We work alongside the universities’ own counselling services – we might recommend you to consult with them, and they sometimes refer you to us. We can also refer you to professional medical care or other support agencies for specialist advice.

Click below for key information for each university.