At the Universities Chaplaincy in Leeds we have lots of chaplains from many different denominations and church traditions.

On this page you can read profiles of our Chaplains and Student Outreach Workers and get to know us all a little more!

Our Chaplains


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Robin Fishwick first came to Emmanuel Church as a member of its choir in 1979. He was a Roman Catholic back then and became a Quaker in 1989, so he knows something about ecumenical diversity. He is the senior Quaker Chaplain and is also Co-ordinating Chaplain.

As well as Breathe, Robin is also involved in Unity Events and the Inspired Music Nights. Robin is also a keen environmentalist, a singer, songwriter, musician and ceilidh caller.

Robin serves as the Quaker representative on the committee of the Churches Higher Education Liaison Group.

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0113 343 5073


Melvyn Photo
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“I joined the Chaplaincy team as Methodist Chaplain in September 2016.

Originally a solicitor, I joined the church, became ordained and moved to the sea-side town of Bridlington. For 21 years, I was the minister of churches in Bridlington then Ormskirk and I served in the Multifaith Chaplaincy at Edge Hill University.

As a chaplain, I’m always ready for a chat – about anything! I offer pastoral care to students and staff and encourage them to explore faith, spirituality and worship. Chaplaincy offers a perfect setting for building relationships between people of different faith traditions or none and exploring unity, peace, justice and love.

I love to do origami, which is acknowledged as an effective practice for mindfulness and wellbeing. I am married to Karen, have three grown-up children and five grandchildren and am kept busy by my eleven-year-old daughter.”

Leeds Beckett Headingley campus, PRG07a

0113 812 2010


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“I am the Catholic chaplain, based at St Marks Avenue. I was born in Wakefield, bred in Leeds and my parents and family are from Slovenia. I went to university in Durham and Ottawa, and I have been a Catholic priest since 1990.

I live and work at the Catholic Chaplaincy, where there is a centre for group activities, a student residence and a chapel. My years at university were some of the highlights of my life and so I love working at the university and in particular accompanying, supporting & befriending so many remarkable people, students & staff, from the perspective of our own faith and that of so many others. Otherwise, I also love running, hiking, travelling, exploring heritage & wildlife sites, real ale, and can watch football for hours on end.”

Catholic Chaplaincy, 5-7 St Mark’s Avenue, off Woodhouse Lane. or

0113 343 7516


Anna S Photo
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Anna has been the International Students Chaplain since 2012. Having lived and worked cross-culturally for many years, she loves meeting people from different cultures and experiencing new things. As a Texan living in Britain, she knows well how strange and exciting it can be to live far from home and loves to support others in their cross-cultural journey.

Anna loves travel, singing with the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus and enjoying time in nature with her little dog, Chico. Join her in the International Students Club on Wednesday evenings or around the uni during the week. Off campus or on, she is always available for a cup of coffee, a good laugh and a long chat.

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0113 243 8363


Laurence Pusey Photo
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Laurence is our longest serving chaplain and indeed has been working in Leeds University mission since coming to the city in 1974 with Agapé – a group which specialises in outreach to universities.

Helping with the International Student Club is a main part of his work and this has led to mission trips to Uganda and Nigeria.

Laurence trained in Fine Art and a painting by him of the Yorkshire Regiment can be seen in the Leeds Civic Hall.  He has a website with details of his artwork.

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0113 3437518


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Hi, I am Kim, a Chinese person born in Malaysia and living in England. I love life and like travelling. I have been to quite a few places in the world and have been in UK since I came from Malaysia as a student. I understand the longing for adventure and finding out more about life.

I have been settled in England for a number of years, bringing up my children and grandchildren with my husband Johnny. I have also worked in a few different organisations so I know the culture of the British as well as the culture of S.E. Asia.  I love to make new friends, so I am looking forward to meeting you at the Chaplaincy or somewhere in the campus.

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0113 343 7518


Father David Gill
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Father David has had a career in medicine, having been a physician in Tanzania and a consultant psychiatrist in Nottingham. David was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1981, subsequently becoming an Orthodox priest, a position he has enjoyed for 22 years.

David follows the Russian tradition of the Orthodox Church but welcomes people of all traditions to liturgy as well as those wanting to learn about faith.

David is available in Leeds for face-to face meetings during the second weekend of every month except July and August. Members of his congregation in Leeds are very happy to support Orthodox members of the universities’ communities at other times.

0115 962 2351


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It is an enormous privilege to be part of the team and, as much as is possible, given my limitations, to be a support to anyone who needs it and, with Fr David and the Orthodox Community, to encourage the witness of the Orthodox Church in the University. Before being received into the Orthodox Church – in the Romanian Orthodox Parish in Leeds – I had studied theology, worked in education , in Anglican parishes from semi-rural to (mostly) quite deprived inner-city, as well as spending six years as a Royal Navy Chaplain, and being involved in inter-faith work. One of the pivotal moments in life was spending a total of 6 weeks in a Syrian desert monastery – Deir Mar Musa el-Habashi, North of Damascus.

Along with my wife, two dogs and three cats, the centre of my life is a small chapel where with God’s Grace, I am trying to develop a very modest prayer life reflecting some of the Orthodox monastic tradition. I hope many – from different Christian traditiions – will feel able to join in our prayers at the beginning and end of the week

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pastor Johnny Chan photo
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“After working as a general and psychiatric nurse, I studied Dentistry at the University of Leeds in 1972. After one year in Leeds, I made the most important discovery of my life and was converted to Christianity. I stayed on in Leeds and helped to develop the Chinese Christian Fellowship after my graduation. After working 20 years as a dentist I served the Chinese church in Leeds as their first pastor.

Over 15 years ago my wife Kim and I began to be involved in the university chaplaincy work in Leeds.”

0113 343 5071


Eric Suen Photo
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I arrived in the UK to study in 1990 when I was a teenager.  First I was in Bradford then the University of Leeds so I am an alumni.  Though we are different in age, still our life journeys probably have many things in common. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

0113 343 5071


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Since becoming a Christian while at university, Ryan has spent more than 20 years actively involved in university student ministry by helping those spiritually curious to explore what Christianity is and asks of us, to more intentional spiritual leadership development and the discipleship of Christian students. This passion eventually lead to him completing an M.Div with emphasis in University Student Ministry. After which he and his wife moved to Colorado to start a fresh expression of ministry on a university campus which focused on personal exploration and development over group responsiveness.

Ryan moved to Leeds with his family in 2012 to work with various groups that minister to university students. He officially joined the University Chaplaincy team in 2018 after several years of volunteering. An avid coffee drinker, Ryan is always up for a cup of Joe and chat. Other hobbies that fill his days are BBQ, films, weights, and Rugby League.

When one looks at the way Jesus spent much of his time they will see that he made frequent friends with those who were not very religious but were authentic about who they were and the questions they had. In that same spirit, Ryan enjoys meeting those who are not unengaged in Christian community but seek answers to whatever questions they might have.

“I find many people would like to ‘date Jesus’ and explore Christianity prior to making an eternal commitment to Him. Allow me to make an introduction.”

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Richard is the assistant Quaker chaplain. He is new to university chaplaincy but has previously worked as a hospital chaplain whilst also performing the role of a night porter.

Richard’s family originates in Leeds and the Vale of York. He has studied in universities in the south of England then returned home to care for his elderly parents. He continues to extend his learning through summer schools and extensive reading.

Richard enjoys conversation, walking and trying out art projects.

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0113 343 7516

0113 343 5716


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Samantha is a minister within the United Reformed Church (URC) and has recently joined the Chaplaincy team.  She grew up in Stockport, before moving to Sheffield to train for paediatric nursing. After qualifying Samantha worked for a short time within the Operating Department.

During this time she felt God’s call to ministry and so moved to Cambridge and completed for ministerial training at Westminster College.

She was ordained in 2015 and began her ministry in Gravesend, Kent.

As well as working at the Chaplaincy, Samantha is also exploring how congregations within the URC engage with young people.

I don’t have all the answers, but if you fancy a cuppa and a chat we can try and find some of them together.

Our Student Outreach Workers


Magda Hernandez Picture
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Magda is working as the Student Outreach Worker with a focus on international students. Having moved here from Texas with Mexican roots, lived in the Middle East, and had many international experiences – she LOVES meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds! Magda is currently getting a Masters of Bioscience. She has a passion for global health and hopes to pursue a medical career in developing countries. She enjoys travelling, dancing and spending time with friends.

Join Magda on Wednesday nights for the International Student Club and bible study afterwards, or around the university to chat more about the ups and downs of settling into and studying in Leeds.

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After completing his BA in Social and Political Studies at Ruskin College, Oxford, first came to Leeds to pursue a MA in Theology at the University of Leeds and quickly found himself involved in the Chaplaincy. This included participating in the Café Church and meetings of the Leeds Student Christian Movement (SCM) which the chaplaincy host. Robin is now on the General Council for SCM Britain!

He is also a lay worker at Mill Hill Chapel on City Square and has facilitated worship all over the country as a Worship Leader in the Unitarian and Free Christian tradition.

Robin’s partner, Zosh, identifies as a Pagan and this has led him to be very passionate about creating and fostering interfaith dialogue and relationships. As well as this, Robin is also keen to reach out to LGBTQI+ Christians at universities in Leeds and welcome them into the Chaplaincy.

Robin focuses on outreach at Leeds Becket University with Rev’d Melvyn Kelly but you will also see him around the University of Leeds and Leeds Arts University campuses.


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Hi I’m Karen, a student outreach worker for the chaplaincy. I’m a straight talking, loyal and devoted human who has an abundance of enthusiasm and passion for anything I find mildly interesting.

Not only did I get my Bachelors from Leeds Uni, I also did a foundation year and am currently trying to complete my Masters! I’ve lived in Leeds since I was a toddler and as such, I have what I like to call the best of both worlds. A foot in the student bubble and the ‘Real’ world. although my cat begs to differ on my footing in the normal world. I’m full of handy little life tips and completely useless facts. So if you need anything, don’t be afraid to pop in for a quick chat and a warm cuppa!”

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